Over 40 years of helping you choose and use great gear

We've been a company of security enthusiasts since we started tinkering with cameras and recorders in 1974. Today, we continue that tradition. Whether you're searching for the latest technology in video surveillance or reconfiguring your home security system after a big move, our folks are there for you.


123 Security associates spend more than 25% of each month in equipment training, in addition to their own experience as security professionals. Our technology courses teach the science behind each type of gear we carry and techniques for each discipline the gear is used for. Our product training brings manufacturer representatives to demonstrate the use of newly arriving items. Our experts extend their experience to train each other as well, sharing new technologies and ideas among themselves. Talk to our pros to find out the latest in equipment development.

By Department

We aren't a conglomerate dedicated to pushing products for the company's benefit, with our sales staff lumped together as one. Our teams are divided by equipment group, allowing you to take advantage of their expertise in specific areas of technology. Our department groups include Video Surveillance, Access Control, Intrusion Detection, Tools & Hardware, Power, Wire & Cable, Audio Visual, and Networking.

No Commission

To keep our staff focused on your needs, we don't pay commission. We believe that it's good for us to focus on what's best for you. Don't be surprised if your salesperson tries to bargain you down to a less expensive selection that suits your needs.

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